The Guest you really want at your event!

Hello.... and you are thinking of having some entertainment at your wedding?. See I'm good...…

Carl is a different type of mind reader, he does not use psychological tricks as others do, so he does it the hard way he just reads your mind!

For over 30 years Carl Has been Perfecting the arts of Magic, Mind Reading, Comedy and Showmanship.That are all blended together to create a brew of amazement, laughter and memory's for you and your guests.

Each interaction leave them with a sense of wonder and amazement..... As Minds are read, Pin numbers divined, Hidden drawings recreated, Spoons and Forks even coins bending like plastic In there hands, and its all done with style!

And I love weddings and I cannot wait to be a part of yours. Carl John

When is the best time to have Carl at the Wedding ?

The Photos, Are a great time to use Carls amazing, Ice breaking skills, walkabout skills as he circulates and keeps everyone in a good mood and making memories.

The Room Changeover, Rather than have a lull in the day as the room is changed for the evenings celebrations.

The Party, Why not have Carl amaze your guests at the evening bash as well? As he uses his Mind Magic, Palm Reading amazement skills to keep everyone in the party mood?

After the first dance of course.